Tools of the trade union

We helped Fagforbundet offer high quality services to their nearly 400 000 members across the country.

No trade union in Norway is bigger than Fagforbundet. Organizing professionals like nurses, firefighters and teachers require a massive digital arsenal. We were brought in to reinforce their existing services, but most importantly: create a range of new ones.

Starting on their most critical needs, we quickly realized that our efforts had to be part of a bigger whole. New tools were treated as part of a bigger toolbox, and were continuously made available to their in-house teams.

In addition to their new and improved services, we made reusable components and evolved their brand into a truly digital one: icons, illustrations, animations, frontend library, email templates etc. All part of the foundation that allowed us to speed up development and provide a flying start when making something new.

Showcase icons@1x.f08b04db7e6801dad931b2a9b659a412Showcase icons@2x.21fb7c5484ec02a81fb6bc9821e551c6
Icons: A custom icon used across all services.
Showcase illustrations@1x.143b429fea16db27c67a1a3427a4fcd8Showcase illustrations@2x.2090ea400c2b8456be4a1439397e1daf
Showcase ui@1x.06062961c7e85ca4c74e5bc39e5e2c4fShowcase ui@2x.aa3e17e50ac48b46395c46bb735da7e2