The secret sauce

Restaurantguiden is the guide for eating out in Oslo. We blended Aftenposten’s great content with our product building skills into a nicely wrapped website.

Aftenposten is Norway’s biggest newspaper, and has been an authority on Oslo’s food scene for decades. With several restaurants reviewed each week, but no proper home for it, something important was missing from their menu.

Being invited to make this happen for Aftenposten was nothing short of a dream come true for us. Being familiar faces around town, we knew early on that we had to bring to this guide what the big tech players were missing: a local twist.

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Locally grown

After interviews with the editorial team, dozen concepts and weeks of prototyping, we started seeing the outlines of a guide that would actually know its way around town. We hand drew maps of neighbourhoods and areas, obsessed over the anatomy of a “restaurant card”, made a powerful search function, and tailored lists together with the critics.

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The result is a guide that quickly rose to the top of Google searches, won the Norwegian Award of Design Excellence, and most importantly for us: became a favourite among the hungry people of Oslo.

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