Anyone’s business

Can the interface alone inspire you to start a company? That’s the ballsy promise of Folio.

When people knock on our door with the promise of flipping an industry upside down, it’s hard not to be skeptical. Still, this was exactly what Dag Olav did when he came to visit back in 2017. Armed with a powerpoint, he promised to revolutionize banking for small businesses, and he wanted us to help out on design.

This time around, it checked out. He and co-founder Wilhelm had recruited an all-star team, partnered with the best possible bank, fired up a prototype, and secured cash to keep going for at least a year. Count us in!

As the inner workings of the bank machinery were figured out, we spearheaded design on Stiftemaskinen. A service allowing you to start a company in an easy way. And by easy, we mean ridiculously easy.

For the incorporation process, all aspects were obsessed over and distilled down to its simplest solution. The step-by-step tool is completed within minutes, and the process of starting a company was shaved down from weeks and months to mere days.

“Norway as a nation will reap enormous benefits from this”
Non-profit Digital Norway about Stiftemaskinen

Once your company is ready to go, you’ll get a Folio card and an account. All services were built from scratch, ignoring existing banking “truths” and starting with clean sheets. This paved the way for simple payments, automatic bookkeeping, receipt reminders, and way less jargon.

Today, Folio is growing rapidly and earning its reputation as “the well designed bank” among small businesses. A tool that turns anxiety into inspiration, proving that you don’t have to abide by the old rules of a big industry.

A big thank you to the talented crew over at Youngstorget, still hard at work on better business tools. We’re proud to have been part of the journey!