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    We've updated a few of our projects with proper text and imagery. Give them a read below, or follow us on Instagram for more frequent updates.

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    We’re taking on new projects the coming months. If you're looking for someone to help you launch the next thing – let's talk!

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    We’re (still) on the lookout for a talented designer. If you know how to combine visual niceness with smart UX, we’d love to hear from you!


  • Fantasy Music Manager


    Sign promising artists to your lineup, and stay in sync with the ups and downs of their real life career. That’s what this game is all about.

    Founder Simen does most of the dancing in the spotlight, while we’re lead keyboardists on the game development: concept, brand, design, and technology.

    In 2019, we treated the by:Larm and Øya festival attendees to an early version. Around 4 000 players have signed up, 200 gigs were reviewed, and bands even talked about the game on stage!

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  • Oslo City Bike

    Apps & services

    In a ridiculously short time, we designed, built and shipped the apps and services that power the city bike system of Oslo.

    Over the course of a few months, bike sharing in the city was transformed from plastic cards to slick apps. The first season saw a doubling of city bike rides from the year before, clocking in at 2,15 million!

    A few years in, the concept has established itself as a modern, permanent part of how you get around in Oslo.

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  • Restaurantguiden

    For Aftenposten

    Norway’s biggest newspaper have been an authority on Oslo’s food scene for decades. As their restaurant reviews got buried by new content too fast, we felt it deserved a proper home.

    We fused two key ingredients – their awesome content and our product building experience – to serve the hungry people of Oslo a local guide on where to eat.

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  • Fagforbundet

    Design & development

    In their fight for worker’s rights, we’re helping Fagforbundet out with some sharp digital weaponry.

    Their vast arsenal of services is used by 370 000 members across the country. We'd say that's a pretty good opportunity to make an impact.

    Our role is to evolve their brand, simplify their services, design and build new tools, and a whole lot more.

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  • Kolonial.no

    Feedback system

    We’re big fans of food from the Internet, and Kolonial.no is pretty much the reason for this. So of course we were stoked when they approached us with the challenge: How should we rate the delivery experience?

    Our answer was to build a simple quiz. Ask a question to a customer, and dig deeper when needed. We designed and built this directly into their existing iOS app.

    Not only did this solve their problem, it also gave them a flexible tool for any kind of feedback in the future.

Who we are

Tight was founded by Gjermund and Anders back in 2010. Today we’re a team of five, working hands-on with design and development.

  • Gjermund.3fa154ce931d7c2a27915e233e123aaa

    Gjermund Rein Gustavsen

    Designer / Co-founder
  • Anders.7c951e65997c650dff74935a2dee4085

    Anders Svendal

    Developer / Co-founder
  • Frode.03e28454e800016526909b5afb39ddc4

    Frode Bang

    Frontend Developer
  • Andrei.efb7b451ee44398b2178b44c3535416b

    Andrei Muresan

    Backend Developer
  • Linda.3800a444dd62ce92d8edac6e712ea644

    Linda Wetter

    Office Coordinator

Our clients

Over the years, we've helped both growing startups and well-known corporations up their digital game.

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Email hello@tight.no or call Gjermund on +47 900 26 994

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Visit us at Hausmanns gate 16, next to Kulturkirken Jakob.

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